LIBRARY JOURNAL is in on the fun – Their ‘WHAT WE’RE READING column features KILLER LOOK

  Coop   Aug 17, 2016   Blog, image   0 Comment

Liz French, Senior Editor, LJ Reviews
After picking a few fantastic fall fashion titles for LJ’s upcoming “Editors’ Fall Picks” feature (the Sept. 1 issue), I’m still on a couture kick. Linda Fairstein’s latest Alex Cooper mystery, Killer Look (Dutton) is satisfying my glamour itch….sorta. Actually Fairstein—through her characters—exposes the gritty underbelly of the fashion industry in this latest installment. Drug abuse, murder, sexual misconduct, shady business dealings, grasping relatives, contested wills, eating disorders, cutthroat competition: all there. Plus, the usual research-heavy info chunks about New York City and its history and lore that Fairstein is famous for sprinkling throughout her novels. Sometimes the info nuggets are piled a mite high and thick, but the thing is, usually they’re such good nuggets that we can forgive the author, whose love for her city is contagious. And her sense of fashion ain’t bad, either!

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